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In today's world, technology is essential to daily existence. Modernization requires a certain technology, which is essential. Some technologies simplify and improve the quality of our lives, while others are appropriate for a joyful lifestyle and some actually fulfill all criteria. So in essence, while buying or selecting technological brands, we're all looking for additional specifications, comfort, and confidence.

Trusttech is thus unquestionably a must-choice for everyone in all sectors of demand. We provide authentic computer devices, gaming equipment, and a large selection of high-end brand items in Bangladesh. We are currently one of the top brick-and-mortar and online computer retailers, offering customers a wide range of goods under one roof. We can assure you as the best retailer whether you're seeking a Gaming PC Build, Custom PC Build, or anything else pertaining to computer components. We strive to confirm your vertical positive movement since we support modernity and mobility.

Even though Bangladesh has a large number of reputable computer component retailers, we at Trusttech continue to recommend ourselves as the best option for you since we prioritize customer care and needs above all else. We diligently work on a quality control management system that meets both national and international standards. Because of this, we uphold all kinds of regularity standards and client demands while also offering top-notch service to ensure their pleasure.

We take great pride in our work because we like doing it. We attempt to help our clients connect best with their unique range since we love and are most connected to what we sell. We are experts, professionals, gamers, and PC aficionados. We also like helping clients upgrade their computer systems so they have cutting-edge devices for processing, producing, and streaming.

We occasionally need to improve ourselves, so why not our computers? We advise you and provide you with the finest option based on your requirements, preferences, and spending capacity. Trusttech will unquestionably be the greatest choice if you're trying to strike a balance between your needs, wants, finances, and contentment. There is a one-stop shop nearby where you may get the greatest selection for your price range.

Along with selling our goods, we also link you with us. Here, you may discover a helpful and knowledgeable customer service team and ask for any kind of relevant guidance. We provide items that are economical for students and have easy access to computers of the finest caliber. With us, one may unquestionably take advantage of brand-guaranteed authentic products. Additionally, we provide a simple online ordering option with quick delivery. With us, you can find EMI financing options from a variety of banks with 0% interest. So you can definitely consider us as the Best computer online shop in Bangladesh.

We have multiple latest collections on not only laptops but also desktops. So one can trust us as their most trustable Best Laptop Shop in Bangladesh as well as the Best Desktop PC shop in Bangladesh. In laptops, Asus, Acer, Hp, Dell, Lenovo, Msi, Gigabyte and Chuwi laptops are available in our stores.

We connect with gaming enthusiast consumers. That’s why we provide the best gaming PC and take the title proudly as the Best Gaming Pc shop in Bangladesh.

After a transaction, we continue to care for our clients. Since we had established a connection with you, your pleasure is more important than anything else in this situation. so that you may benefit from our market-leading after-sale services.

Whether you are a new computer user or an avid gamer, we have experts to provide you with help. In order to suit your needs, our professionals can help. Enjoy Trusttech to the fullest extent possible.


Our Mission

In computer retailers, Trusttech is renowned for excellent customer service. We provide authentic items at the most competitive price in Bangladesh. We communicate with the customers and find out what they want. As a result, we provide our clients with the most appropriate product for their particular business while offering our experienced advice. We too like gaming, technology, and comforts, thus we never sacrifice our clients' conveniences for the sake of profit. We have all the components you might possibly need for a computer in one place, allowing you to buy whatever you would need with just one click. We are pro-seller-buyer interactions. Because of this, we place a great value on after-sale support. We like talking to consumers after the transaction so we may learn about their conveniences and discomforts.

so, it is clear to all that our main mission is to give the best service among all the computer stores and ensure consumer satisfaction perfectly.


Our Vision

We try our utmost to address any risks that our clients may encounter. As a result, we keep a welcoming market atmosphere and ensure that we are the greatest option for your trust. We pledge to keep the network up for a very long time since we appreciate your enthusiasm for technology.

We not only want the place and pride by selling the best computers but also want the popularity by selling any little or large accessories related to PC. We want to fulfill your satisfaction also by providing the Best PC accessories shop in Bangladesh.

We want to ensure the exact price with genuine products no matter what. That’s why, whether it is Laptop price in Bangladesh, Pc or computer component price in Bangladesh, Processor price in Bangladesh, Motherboard price in Bangladesh, Monitor price in Bangladesh, Graphics card price in Bangladesh, Ram price in Bangladesh, SSD price in Bangladesh, Hard Disk price in Bangladesh, Power Supply price in Bangladesh, Computer Casing price in Bangladesh, CPU Cooler price in Bangladesh, Casing Fan price in Bangladesh or others; we want to confirm the best service with expertise.

Be connected with our store and website, Trusttech computer, and networks and get your desirable sustainable products.

We have offered services for Seven Rings Cement, Meghna Group, ICRC, and Islamic Relief for a while. We, Trusttech are the Authorized Gold Partner of Asus, Lenovo, Dell, HP, F&D, Acer, Logitech, Gigabyte, BenQ, MSI.

Trade License: TRAD/DSCC/284246/2019


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